lunes, 1 de agosto de 2016


what unites us as a team and nico agustin are video games but not only that, also electronic, music, and much more.
It's really fun to spend time with agus also the theme that things can listen each and if he has to give a council, gives you. and fun to spend time with Nicolas because he is someone who is always there when you need it and is always encouraged, if these evil, nicolas ara you smile Getcha and fun

Nicolas A. Cordero : an honest, responsible, affectionate, cheerful, helpful and respectful person. I like to play guitar and am a versatile person. I like going on a trip, do extreme sports and take pictures.

Agustin E. Chaparro: I'm a pretty shy guy, but when I take confidence with some people, I'm funnier, more confident, I like to play games and I like to study electronics, I'm not much out of my house and I am afraid some things, I am also passionate about many things. and I'm kind of sometimes changing mood.

vocaroo :
Agus -

Nico -

1- Scientists in the 1700's were aware of electricity, but they were not sure _____

A How to observe it in experiments 
B What caused electric current to flow
C Whether electricity had any effect on living organisms
D If electricity would flow through metal

answer - B what caused electric   current to flow 

2 -  Oxidation and reduction are processes through which _____

1- Which one of the following elements was not easily spotted by ancient cultures?

Answer - C bromine (br)

2- Some discoveries take centuries and some happen in an instant. Research a notable discovery in a field that most interests you and explain how it unfolded.

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